Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sharing electric cars - What a great idea, says Uber and Evercar

One of the ideas that I pitched to Uber and Lyft in my book, Tales of UberMan, was to offer riders a trip in an electric car; or another green car like a hybrid, fuel cell vehicle, or something powered by a renewable fuel. Well, there are a few people out who agree enough in it to roll out these services.

Uber is trying it out in a few cities, such as Chicago where you can order a ride in an electric car. The service has ordered 25 BYD e6 electric cars so that Uber drivers can offer carbon emission-free rides to their customers. Other than this service, BYD cars are only operating, and for sale, in China. The brand has become the top EV seller in a market booming with incentive-backed EV sales. I'm going to try it out the next time I'm in Chicago.

Another one to follow is Evercar, which links up Uber and Lyft drivers who have electric cars. So far, it's being offered in the Los Angeles and San Francisco metro markets, but it's expected to expand to other markets in the future. Riders can download the Evercar mobile app and get linked up with EV drivers.

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