Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gett takes jabs at Uber for surge pricing in ad campaign

Gett, an on-demand black-car app that’s available in more than 60 cities worldwide, has launched a humorous ad campaign in New York City, taking aim at Uber’s pricing system.

Surge pricing can leap to 1.5 times the usual fare or higher, based on demand for rides at that time. Drivers are enticed to show up for pickups and make more income. In the ads, Gett emphasizes that it doesn’t have any surge fees. 

These surge fees can drive customers batty. Lyft riders have similar concerns but usually find Uber even worse. It might be 3:00 in the morning and they're either going to pay Uber maybe three times the original fare; so they check out fares from Lyft and taxis.

Gett is placing its ads on 570 subway cars, phone kiosks, digital street-level billboards, and bus shelters around the city. It will be one of the first companies to advertise on the city’s new LinkNYC kiosks, where people can charge their phones, connect to Wi-Fi and access city maps and directions.

On the social media front, the company’s Twitter hashtag is #surgesucks. On its website, Gett promotes its “Surge-vivors Hall of Shame,” in which people submit their Uber receipts during surge periods. The contestant who paid the most for a surge price will win a $1,000 credit with Gett.

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