Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Free Kindle and e-book versions of Tales of UberMan and a request for your review

For any of you who read Kindle books, my new book Tales of UberMan: An auto journalist shares his Prius with savvy riders is available for free through this Friday night, July 2. Tales of UberMan is my first-person account of being part of the revolutionary shift in mobility services coming from Uber, Lyft, ridesharing, autonomous vehicles, and the future of the auto industry and transportation. And there are few good tales, as you can read about in the “Top 5 worst and best Uber experiences” chapter and elsewhere. “Taking drinkers off the roads and listening to their sad tales,” is another chapter full of stories.

I have a request to make:  Could you browse through my book and if you find it valuable, post an honest review of it on Amazon? Reviews are essential for promoting my book to Amazon visitors, Kindle book readers, and media. You can get the book for free right now on Kindle by downloading the app if you haven’t already done so. You can also request a free e-book in PDF from me this week by emailing me at

To leave a review, go to the book’s page on Amazon and scroll down to Customer Reviews and click the button “Write a customer review.” Before you can post a review, you need to have an account that has successfully been charged for the purchase of a physical or digital item. You don't need to have purchased the book you're reviewing. There's a 48-hour waiting period after your first physical order has been completely shipped, or your digital item has been purchased, before you'll be able to submit your review.

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